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lirik lagu 3million” – asoh black!


[hook] x2
i hop out
look up
don’t speak
where the cash at
my bag
so fat
i walk
with a bad back
doc said
i laugh
cause he trippin’
i can’t stop until my bank account and me make like 3 million

look, that girl need direction
had to go ahead and grab the stereo
young black and my pockets fats
ooh terrio, terrio, terrio
they listen when i speak
poetic, dog i talk with st–z
oh that’s your girl
she lied
said she couldn’t come till she came to me
this is
my life, on notes
if you know
too much
then you plotting on me probably
got so famous all these b-tches wanna meet iyayi
ooh oh d-mn
i been chattin since
want you but i smashed yo friend
probably wouldn’t tell you if i wasn’t this drunk
but sh-t, i’m blacking again d-mn


hopped up on the stage
and i knew i was rich
knew i had the juice the sw-nk the sauce the uh
knew that i dripped
hopped up off the stage
spent like half in a day
spent a quarter on supporters
taking orders while i forge another hit just to hit another stage
(ooh) b-tch, i feel like walae
i’m flexing for all imposters
i’m watching you claim you poppin
i’m lookin you ain’t got collars
you wear
comma comas in pajamas
i know
not to sleep on dollars
i know
lean take you higher
i know
dreams take you farther
oh i thought you
oh i thought you knew
you need ambition too
i needa see that drive before i see us in the coupe
till i’m 10 foot 2
i’ll be in the booth
making everything that i touch so ice cold that my fingers blue