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lirik lagu black republican – aspiring mogul


[verse 1: aspiring mogul]
they call me token i sit back be like what did you smoking?
ain’t got no faith in jesse jackson, al sharpton, they joking
my life ain’t perfect, i’ve been through the hustle and the troubles
put on my boots and pull’em up, i made it through the struggle
i’m repping jesus christ until the day he come and get me
stay in my bible, every day the devil trynna k!ll me
but i’m pro-life, i don’t believe in abortion
i’m speaking clearly to you, i don’t believe in distorting
i’ve been through hell and back, don’t [?] i run with [?]
i’m conservative, but don’t hate liberals or democrats
no i don’t watch the two, cnn or fox news, too busy trying to get that rolls-royce [?] (huh!)

[verse 2: ben carson]
now it’s not my intention to offend anyone
i have discovered, however, in recent years that it’s very difficult to speak to a large group of people these days and not offend someone
and people walk around with their feelings on their shoulders, waiting for you to say something — “ah, did you hear that?!” and they can’t hear anything else you say
the “pc police” are out in force at all times

[verse 3: aspiring mogul]
don’t want no handouts, i don’t need no reparation
i got a business, i create my own occupation
ain’t got no time to picket, march, cause it don’t make no money
i’m trying to get my son and daughter up in harvard, honey
this is mogul talk, investing now for later
going gecko [?] chief executive operator
racism’s still alive, can’t keep me from the top
i’m on that forbes and wall street journal, real estate and stocks
ambition driving motivation, it’s the evidence
blacks ain’t niggas, blacks ain’t crackas that’s just ignorance
black conservative christian rapper, yeah you know you like it
all my black republicans across the world recite it!

[verse 4: ben carson]
see, this country — one of the founding principles was freedom of thought and freedom of expression
and it muffles people
it puts a muzzle on them, and
at the same time, keeps people from discussing important issues
while the fabric of this society is being changed
and we cannot fall for that trick

[verse 5: aspiring mogul]
being black can get you shot even if you’re innocent
so stop complaining, go vote, get the right politician in
see, this the new republican party, not your grandfather
i got a table, got a seat, i’m a leader, not follower
i’m thanking jesus christ for my beautiful, godly wife
one woman, one man, marriage it just seem right
i can’t legislate your life, do what you gotta do
’cause when you die i ain’t the one you gotta answer to
they say we uncle tom, black and ain’t a democrat
no, i’m uncle -n-lytical [?] and [?] fast
i pray for everybody, if you’re rich or poor, aspiring mogul superstar got’em begging for more

[verse 6: ben carson]
things that were important in the development of our nation
one of those things was education
i’m very p-ssionate about education because it’s made such a big difference in my life
but here we are at a time in the world
the information age, the age of technology, and yet
30% of people who enter high school in this country do not graduate
44% of people who start a four-year college program do not finish it in four years
what is that about?
think back to a darker time in our history. two hundred years ago when slavery was going on
it was illegal to educate a slave
particularly to teach them to read
why do you think that was?
because when you educate a man
you liberate a man