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lirik lagu 0 to 100 remix – astonead


[intro: astonead]
f-ck bein’ on some chill sh-t
we go 0 to 100, n-gga, real quick
all my real n-ggas are about to feel this
tryna live the dream on my martin luther king sh-t

[verse 1: astonead]
yes lord, runaway all the way
tryna make the money for the bills we need to pay
givin’ all we can to make sure ac’s where we stay cause
this is our city that we’re reppin’ every day, but
makin’ wrong decisions, looking for the right
lot of d-mn problems, but the future’s bright
make it through the day, live it up through the night
always f-ck around but that’s called life
yeah, tryna hit a million
tryna hit the billboards, then they’ll say “i’m feelin’ him”
your favorite rapper, man i’m f-ckin’ k!llin’ him
if he’s really that hot, i’ma be freezin’ him
so now we’re back in this b-tch like we never left
runaway studios, boutta be up next
and now we’re aboutta make it to the top, be the best
leave it up to us to put them all to rest

[hook: astonead] x2
we go 0 to 100, n-gga, real quick
real quick, runaway on that real sh-t
0 to 100, n-gga, real quick
real quick, real f-ckin’ quick n-gga

[verse 2: j-sk!llz]
runaway in here we abouta make history
no more losses for us cause we always gettin’ victories
tryna get ourselves some mansions and a couple bentley keys
tryna go and live out in the hills of beverly
smoking your sh-t like its some typea hickory
see me gettin’ money now they all tryna get with me
these fake rappers is the problem but i’m the remedy
you can k!ll me but you’ll never k!ll my legacy
your squad is f-cking basic they be thinkin’ local
but me and my whole crew, we be thinkin’ global
the whole city knows though that i’m f-cking loco
never bein’ fake that’s a big old no no
see these boys worrying bout maintaining relationships
while i’m thinkin’ bout creating and making hits
i’m really about that life these b-tches just sayin’ sh-t
someone bury this sh-t cause i’m done slaying it

[hook] x2