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lirik lagu ego eccentric – astralnaut


ego eccentric
paranoid by my mounting despair
my blues they will fade but your reputation cannot be repaired
its on my neck the noose it tightens
views of the past hide truth, try to distort, only enlighten

placed my trust not that’s decayed
betrayal holds a message wash my blues away
i feel the stab in the back it rips in to my soul
for far too long now, benefit of doubt has taken its toll

repent then deny, consumed by the lie
with the egos of fools they will never rule my mind again
scathe then defend, don’t mean to offend
with the egos of fools i will never wasted my time again

along with truth and honesty
the thin line between
your image and thought
so easily bought
what you long most
see slipping then lost
delusion or fact
which is it i lack?
don’t misquote
don’t emote
don’t provoke
don’t slit my throat
to protect and serve to destroy then deserve
pervert to preserve and create
to have sealed your own fate
for identity and trait
all you breed is fear and hate
you’ve not long now

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