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lirik lagu night guard – atombender


[verse 1]
who will sing the guard to sleep?
the one who takes the late watch
he hears their breath grow heavy
when he’s awake, the camp is still

[verse 2]
but who will watch over the guard?
the guard who loves each one
and would give his life as the price
who keeps him in their embrace?

[chorus 1]
i am weaker than i appear
i still hold all those fears

[verse 3]
who will stay with the guard
when all the girls grow up?
they find new boys and leave
as the good ones are left here to die
where are you now?
he’s bleeding for this empty camp
he keeps the ghosts underground
(i’m so tired of these ghosts)
so when is his work done?
(when is my work done?)
[chorus 2]
i feel smaller than i appear
i still hold all those fears

i’m tired and i’m losing sleep
i’m up all night and i’m praying
that angels come and keep you
breathe in deeply
don’t think or dream the wrong way of me
i’m only here to watch you count sheep
praying angels come down
and keep you safe
breathe in deeply
(angels, come down)



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