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lirik lagu 4ud4x10u5 r3v0lut10n – audaxious


[verse 1]
when i come through i will make you irrelevant
they will never forget me like an elephant
glowing like beams and it seems so evident
don’t know my name yet? soon it will be prevalent
thought i was gone but you see i never went
i’m so blessed they say i’m heaven sent
and the call to my prayer they gave seanen m
-magine writing all these hits with a john lennon pen
i single-handedly
give them goods, more than the economy
a prominent constellation, astrology
guess i’m made of a million stars
and i’m red hot sh-t i’ve been living on mars
and if i really am made of a million stars tell me
where the f-ck is my academy?
oh stop, enough with the flattery
torn like natalie, fire hot anatomy
i need to recharge, battery
in this public mess i am dressed for the
anarchy apparently i’m mad for the insanity
and someone set a cannon free and now i’m living happily
in tragedy calamity and ever long catastrophe
i wanna be the remedy better be my charity
and hopefully this melody’s a method for some clarity
s’appening b

it’s the audaxious revolution quick!
i’ll show you the real definition of sick
it’s the audaxious revolution quick!
you know we’re your ear nutrition
so flirtatious, good gracious, patience
outrageous, can’t change us, dangerous
can’t tame us, contagious, at stations please
‘coz it’s an audacious disease
[verse 2]
ergh, you make me vomit
shhhhhhh silence gromit
i’m running away, top speed like sonic
somebody better hand me a gin and tonic
playing with spirits a board of ouija
mario caught me with princess peach we
banged on a beach, kinda looked like fiji
said my banana’s bigger than luigi’s plunger
the pink power ranger
put a spell on herrrr-mione granger
made her so high her life was in danger
i said to down this plane i’ll have to nicholas cage ya
but we fly through a million stars
one day i’ll be bigger than kardashian’s -rs-
wonder if i’ll ever be as trashy and farce-like
call my kid saint and lay him down in a manger


[verse 3]
when i get your number there’ll be a dial of terror
lord of the atmosphere watch as we style the weather
when i’m down i get right back up you can call that trial and error
give it 5 minutes i’ll be number one on insta, and i’ll hear you say x2
who’s kylie jenner?