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lirik lagu charon – audrey horne


how often do you ask yourself this, what’s the value of my broken soul? could i trade it in for better days now?
would it make it any easier? purgatory ’cause of little white lies, purgatory ’cause of half told truths
who pays for the ferry ticket? and just how deep is the river styx? you never thought of it like this?
how ‘re you gonna get across this? how ‘re you gonna make it home? there’s always someone stronger on the other side
there’s always someone better on the other side. how ‘re you gonna get alive out of here? so, now you need to match your stories. where were you when it all began? did you think that you could buy your way out?
did you take this for a sink or swim? purgatory for your little white lies, purgatory for your half told truths
all the bridges in this world won’t save you, someday you’re gonna realize
that whatever you came here for … tonight, is gonna sink you like stone. believe me when i say
as far as i know there’s still a chance to get out of here without scars. and even though it hurts
chances are you’ll be better off, if you sail across under your true flags