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lirik lagu 20/20 vision – augustus from earth


[intro (vivien leigh)]
i don’t want realism. i want magic! yes, yes, magic! i try to give that to people. i do misrepresent things. i don’t tell truths, i tell what ought to be truth. and if that is sinful, then let me be punished for it! * don’t turn the light on!

[verse 1]
2020, will i get back what i lost
in the fire that consumed my joy?
2020, will these chains get loosened?
i’m simply tired of just carrying them around

[chorus 1]
and hope is dangerous
but i know that without it
i’d be just as lost
as i was when my love for life left me

[verse 2]
2020, will i get back all the love i
gave to various fascinating strangers?
2020, will i find forgiveness
from all the friendships that i left so far behind?

[chorus 2]
and magic is real
even though my peers
say it’s not but just
another one of my hallucinations
i don’t want realism
i want magic