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lirik lagu 2008 – aura-kl


man’s tryna tell the truth
whole truth and nothing but the truth
haha, yeah

first verse:
my relationship status is vacant
but you know that i’m taken
beyond the dating, fornication
you know where the safe is
didn’t think you could be so embracing
you feel like summertime roller skating
2008, two teenaged kids
high school friends
prom king, queen thrills
didn’t think it’s real
because it feels too amazing
can you explain it?
it’s gonna take time getting use to the new behaviours
things i have to do with latex
i wanna do something rude
in the middle of the room
we could try to be cool
who we tryna fool, everybody knew
we was wasting, time
so why stay broke and clock faces?
let’s take a moment and take in
our grown folk situation
what ever you want just name it
until the only thing remaining is your maiden
and i think its time we got around to change it