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lirik lagu onna road – ausar


aim pivot connect like dirk inna fourth
keep the retorts
you don’t really wanna cross swords
with a warrior, lemme forewarn ya
leave you torn like achilles
clay in a potter’s hands
i get invasive
aye my tactics tactile touch souls on wax left the city to be scholar but now i’m back down wwe smackdown
imma stone cold stunner when the tracks out
you see the way i lace it like her tracks out
if you don’t it’s prolly cause you pulled your cap out
captain obvious
they love the way i captivate a audience
that boy he got the sauce like a condiment
roll like thе autobahn
dim wit
i’m lit like bic on wick no john
got my dogs like vic i sick and quick they gonе
down to roll hit the road till we on i’m gone

each day oh
i be rolling like a freeway
onna grind and it ain’t easy no
roll w/ the punches ain’t no tko
big pimpin’, big ws
i’m a globetrotter since you’ve been stubborn
can’t tell me stove hotter—hands on
hands up, bet i get more knowledge
pack up a show then it’s action, reaction
i ask him for more but it’s back on the road
another place i must go and that’s overnight
over like i’m obie trice
if you ever get close, better hold me tight
cause i’m on the way, can’t tell you the place
time only fades, don’t think i’m awake
riding with the sky look pastel
pen it in the stars, they speckle so your thoughts ain’t tinted
dry guy, get up like a horsey innit
crazy can’t settle like divorce
stay aiming too low
bank on the flow like stash box
oh, h2os, so natural like…