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lirik lagu ayearefifteen flow 4 – ayearefifteen


when i first started, i ain’t know what would happen
i just hopped in the stu and randomly started rapping
i was up with a savage, randy started rapping
but that don’t mean ima co*sign all the capping
and that don’t mean that i agree with your rapping
in the backseat but 2 door the coup
but so many people making all these dumb decisions
but they really got nothing to loose
i say me personally i gotta get me some racks
gotta double some hundreds and triple the stacks
said she wanted my number i gave her a stat
told her 25 million a year since you asked
i know so many people who would chill in the coup but they really wan’ be in the back
and i know some people who really tried to hurt me it’s cool
ain’t no knife i got kneed in the back
hundred the stacks
i told her i wanted it back
and i wanted that black
i got the chop when it fly it blah
54 shots what we shoot at ya back
like 55 shots what we shoot at the car
you can hide you can run but you won’t make it far
i’m smoking that gas but first broke down the gaur
all my gas 97, i fill up the car
that mean it’s that premium
i told her subscribe for the premium
then we made us a movie and watched it on premiere
i don’t know that many people that from here
call me nick cannon i stay with that drum here
nah call me nick cannon i stay with that drumline
she keep calling and calling ain’t hit it but one time
so many haters scattered round the frontline
so i told em chill single file need one line
you get it i stay with the dump one i beat up the cheeks
steady calling she blocked by the end of the week
this the flow for the forth but i don’t ever repeat
well unless i went twice and i need me a three
i hear all of this talking, tryna see who to pin it to
as i’m writing my lyrics i don’t need me pen or tool
cause all of my lyrics they stay on my mental loop
and they know that i’m fly i might need me a parachute
and y’all don’t even like ya veggies or fruits
a d1 girl named “hula” i think she could hoop
but if i put my body all up in the hoop
guarantee she goin be like whatever but oh
you could never knock it until you had tried it
gave her gum for’ she ate you ain’t never trident
i went crazy i almost bust on her eyelid
but be real you know you ain’t grow up you still childish
you say you got money but shop at the p*wn
i’m with elon musk, think i work at amazon
i can’t swim in no river not no amazon
they say do you got parents said yes i’m a son
i can’t talk to no cop so yk ima run
tried to shoot me ain’t die cause i got armor on