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lirik lagu portal – ayo & teo


yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

[verse 1: teo]
check my feet sb’s on deck
woke up and got a check
i’m rollin’ the zaza
forget what we eatin’ for breakfast
last night there was drama in the club but we just young and reckless
fast life we all the way turnt up
hit my shoulders srug
we from the dirt we dug
i had to shake off some bugs
i had to shake out the mug on my face
all because i need sp*ce
tired off all the pretending these n*ggas acting like friends they enemies
we gonna take off in the bands literally in the strip club throwin tens
dis off the dome, yeah f*ck a pen
i’m all alone in the both goin’ crazy
i’m spittin’ like i lost but heard that before
i bought something new the link on my chain it’s gucci
remember the days i used to run stussy
in dubai first time eating sushi
in my backyard it’s a jacuzzi
and i never been in it
and i never been in it
she want me to swim in it
but i’m more independent
i think i’m lost my pendent
i’m blaming everyone that cross my vision
stop the music, look and listen
then i see us in the kitchen on the island by the liquor
if desicion making was so easy i would do it quicker
if we didn’t know how to control the anger
ooh i promise, we be dangerous
we got demons but the angels watching over us like
watching over us man we be chilling we be turnt up
[verse 2: ayo]
check my shirt it’s undercover float and take a vendetta uh
fashion whizzes get your pieces make your mind up you want me
going super ultra speed like a fighter with pressure uh
slipin’ over trenches uh, we blow up a cofin’ uh
hope you see some light and keychain that you glee uh
we can be red light just light that sh*t up
we been runnin’ sh*t up yeah no option
making devers now no got got godest
you know that we got options (options)
we can get this motherf*cker popin’
got the whole club got your b*tch dropin’ (b*tch dropin’)
and she wants some shots i ain’t stoppin’
somebody come check up the ma bella
i got hot in here no outa here
i be high yeah somebody call my god (call my god)
you know everything be one on one (one on one)
everything we come in the zata
you know i’m here and i’m here son
you must in and hissin’
teo and i we be gettin’ it (gettin’ it)
overseas we be splitin’ sh*t (splittin’ sh*t)
your b*tch be he kickin it
smoke one roll one then hit it

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