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lirik lagu 12 jewels – az


would you agree when i say
that a man’s freedom only exists when he’s free of pursuing his desires…
which means when the law conflicts with our desires
then we must operate outside of the law… (repeat 3x)
uhh, i keep it brief its the code of the streets
i’m here to feast with the global elite me am meeko
a young mogul more social with the local police is i supposed to
charity checks sitting with xavies x
wedding invites who’s marrying next, i noticed
envelopes is the end results for my folks this is mental notes please absorb
traveled through the countries abroad
got my first thirst once i flipped through the forbes now its a ritual
polling(pollying) with public officials heads of state i’m a heavyweight
my life’s a tribute no pension
though pleased with honorable mention
i’m from the land where my great grands ran from lynching so n-gg-s listen
you can’t master if your mind ain’t right
if your vernacular ain’t islamic-like of some structure
substance illuminate l-ster
learn the game cause you know who remains to suffer
take the 12 jewels of islam live prosperous
prt 5 percent of the populous
older than the sun moon stars even the hieroglyphs
apocalypse, government fortifying? there doc-ments
you know what time it is when the 12th comet hit…
you know what time it is when the 12th comet hit…
you know what time it is when the 12th comet hit…
promise this, follow me i show you where elijah live
kavan? coast on testament taught
in milan with the loafs on the lessons was lost
i deal with the essence of course
i got the smarts and the heart of a mexican boss, we the indigenous
trapped in a mental imprisonment
i know and understand when its time to get ignorant, i live it
alive with a hustler’s spirit
certified i survive through these precious lyrics, i’m so vivid
from negro to ceo for my po to see me blow, no lie
a favorite of the fortune 5
on front line got that corporate eye, i’m suited
and since a shorty i was ranked and recruited
to say thanks take bank and do this
(chorus 2x then fades)