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lirik lagu 06. forever – b.bands


she got my heart and she know that i love her

she ride with me , we gone ride in my bentley

she see the stars , don’t see me with out her

she see my vision , she see us together

i got her heart , shorty know that i got her

i ride with her , cause she know that i got her

she see these stars , they paint us forever


1 . you see this love , i put in to get here

you saw my drive for , you shorty i got u

you see the love , i put in to get u

when i don’t talk to you , you know that i miss you

i saw yo heart from a planet to distance

i rode with u when these haters they doubted u

baby girl u know we do this together

i look threw your heart and i see us forever


i see your face when i count all this money

i saw your face in the hundreds i love u

you had my heart , when these other girls didn’t

look in yo eyes and i see we committed

you hold my heart , when my heart it’s just sinking

u tell me stories when i paint your picture

u call me daddy when i give u kisses

i make u reminisce to all my feelings


i made u something that , these negus couldn’t

look at my smile while i’m gripping up on u

i know that they hate , when they see us together

i know that they wish that we wasn’t together

i know that they burning these ruger inside

look in they soul and see that they mad

look at my face and i’m grinning instead

we got love that never will end


sit back and watch all these haters and laugh

sit back and watch how we do it together

sit back and let’s have a drink it’s whatever

let’s go on dates and call it forever

i got that p-ssion to drive it’s whatever

i got this money i spend it whenever

we got this thing and let’s call it forever

just me and you baby girl we forever

verse 2

baby girl you know we in it together

you know they say nothing lasts forever

baby you know that we lasting together

i say that we lasting forever

look in the stars and see that we made it 2x

look at this others and they so basic , you came in my life and baby you changed me

gotta go hard , and i do for it you

i get this money , you getting too

me and u baby you know we the truth 2x

remember the nights when you upset , and i give kisses , and kiss on yo neck , you scratching my back and you holding me tight , you think i leave you , you ain’t thinking right

, i see no other girl greater then you . , i see n0body that can replace you . baby girl you is replaceable . baby girl deserves it all

you want it go get i got it
you want it go get it i a buy it

you want my attention and time
don’t worry about it you got it

i lay you down , dont have to speak , im missing you , you missing me , love everything about girl , now u roll w me

we on a journey never ending , baby this is the begging , and together we gone finish stack this money we gone get it