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lirik lagu 4 and a baby – b.g. knocc out


did i do that?
i got in this game
to get some change
to help my people
get a few things
to keep my sons
away from the gangs
my daughter away from
you lanes
tp get my mom the benz
or the range
all we do
is dip through the lanes
she go to church
i go to bang
she pay 10% to her gang

but to the bank
oh what a shame
you don’t pay
your gang one d-mn thing?

all i do is
rape that blocc
then flag down
that ice cream man
get them kids whatever i can
whenever i can

but you the man
and them young ones
is your nephews

you gonna do that
to your fans?

f-ck it
i sell this
4 and a baby
and give that
to your aunt
maybe that should slow her down
from selling all them stamps
i’m still out here
going down
with these pistols
and these grams
and you trickin
with these tramps

i’m about to
touch some dollars
yeah yeah
i’m about to
push impalas
a little hook
with midas
i’m from the cpt
i only run
with riders
and we handle issues
so everything is official
so if you wanna trip too
i’m grabbing a pistol
i’m coming to clip you

but i’d rather forgive you
cause you
a mother f-cking fool
and you probably
been to school
that’s true
but n-ggas
still don’t know the rules
and that’s sad bad
cpt that’s baghdad
smoke it blow it
fast cash
grew up poor
never had cash
just welfare
medi cal
no health care
tobacco smoke
sell hair
i been left
they still there

out west
in vegas
where the whoring
is crazy
that’s real sh-t
from a bottom b-tch
that’s 4 and a baby



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