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lirik lagu 9116 – b mims


they act like they know me, i swear they don’t know me/ these b-tches be phony these n-gg-s be phony/
i got this on my lonely, now they wanna clone me

pops was dat n-gg- in the dayyy wayyyy back wit the wrist…. /
don’t be a menace he was in the kitchen cookin wit the sh-t/
and since i was a youngin n-gg- always had a dream of gettin rich/
look i been up for 3 days, i’m takin routes tranna get it three ways/
at times i wish i can do a replay/
on sh-t i did back than, and knowin i can’t take it back/
they know that imma blow and they just waitin on the right track/
lets take it back to when crisis rapped yeah he had a vision/
i dumbed down so you dumb f-ckers couldplay attention/
never again tho, had a conversation wit meech brown i listened he told me get back to killin n-gg-s/
dese days it’s hard for me to be feelin n-gg-s/ dese days it’s hard to believe who really witcha/ cuz these women only wanted me for my potential/
and they ask for features but only want it for my credentials/
i’m in the zone now, tell momma i won’t be comin home now, im on the phone with atlantic no it’s not like befoe now/
i got a show in la, my girl she model in miami i ain’t seen her in days/
girl i know… couple n-gg-s ain’t stay the same/ im talkin bout my day one n-gg-s since kandy kane/
it’s hard coming from a city where people complain when they see you doin good and they name ain’t in the fame…/
that fake love turn to hate, all over twitter/ because they mention us the most and you ain’t in the picture/
used to say you was the big homie now it’s all the big homies that i past up now they in they feelings/
stop fronting b-tch you know my team been the illest/
the funny thing it’s the rap n-gg-s that don’t feel us/
told myself i that was done wit these instrumentals/
but look i can’t stop killin n-gg-s look, aye/
my momma call me the young solution i’m the problem solved/
keep on sleepin on me guess you popped to many tylonal/
hustle so hard i can’t try to starve/
n-gg-s years off wit the game i’m the future you’s designer dog/
step sonnin you n-gg-s call me the russel wilson/
and stop sending me music cause i won’t f-ckin listen/
this sh-t remind me of my pops back in 96in had them plays in and out the d like he coached the pistons/
comin from a city where, young retarted n-gg-s with ratchets around you must be tone yola/
i been doin this sh-t since i was on noah/
blow up off my name gettin cranked boy i’m a young soulja/
young n-gg- stop it/
it don’t involve me if it don’t involve a profit/
be like a king yeah all of my n-gg-s got it/
things you should know september 1st go head and cop it/
m-th- f-cka

they act like they know me, i swear they don’t know me/
these b-tches be phony these n-gg-s be phony/
got this on my lonely, now they wanna clone me/