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lirik lagu one – b.o.b


(feat. big kuntry & mac boney)

“one, is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do” [3x]
yeah… two! two! two! two
“one, is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do”

tell me, who don’t wanna be at the top of this?
the top of the game, that’s obvious
i’m like superman in metropolis
but you cain’t see me through binoculars
as i fly high over the populace
tryin to find where the h-ll my childhood is
i cain’t even see it with my irises
the only thing that i see is the irony
think about the past and the life i lived
all of the days and the nights i spent
in the bottomless pit called poverty
locked in a room, don’t bother me!
so if you plan on stoppin me
you need more than your vitamins
the rap game ain’t a lottery
go to school, get a scholarship
cause you still gotta deal with the politics
how you gon’ not deal with it?
that’s like goin up inside of a brothel
and comin out remainin monogamous
it just don’t make a lot of sense
so i just stay positive
and if you ain’t where you tryin to get
then it’s a prison of the mind you in

“one, is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do” [4x]

[big kuntry]
you know who this is, mayyyyne
big kuntry kainnng
only one it’s only me, who gives a f-ck ’bout 2 and 3?
you suckers been played out, like them d-mn ferrari jeeps
i see you n-gg-z on the creep but y’all never next to me
cain’t see you rock climbers when i’m on my mountain peak
why peep? open yo’ eyes – you see the cherry mase’ right?
you see the streets, rollin with me, cause my notary certified
you a hundred deep, but they be respectin me when it’s only i
green pie, back it up, tell matty p-ss the mic
know what i’m sayin i’m nasty right, my lyrics got me creamin dyk-s
i’m by myself when takin flight, and f-ckin them girls that keep it tight
redbox, is the movement, tim, where’s they (home improvement)?
while you rappers keep on tryin, i’m #1 already proven

“one, is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do” [4x]

[mac boney]
what is the numero uno?
i dip and i slide in my two-do’
deez n-gg-z be watchin while b-tches be jockin
but boney jack keep it so cool doe
i’m seein ’em checkin my moves out
be careful while keepin my tool down
they know that i’m reppin that a-town
so why do these f-ck n-gg-z play ’round?
i guess you can hate now – we straight
we got cake, we got bread, we got made clown
while you broke n-gg-z stayed down
i stayed up on my game and my business i’m paid now
i’m never gon’ lay down
we (grand) and we (royal) y’all n-gg-z just stand down
for yo’ homey be man down, we done ran down
tyler bent on his -ss now
i’m the head of my cl-ss now
so i’m never gon’ bet for these boys that stick hands out
i prefer to keep hands down
so i know who you are when i’m throwin my fans out
why swing on my denzel?
i’ve been ridin and swervin these n-gg-z since oh-fo’
but in one-oh, i drop one mo’
so these n-gg-z’ll know i’m the one hoe!

“one, is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do” [4x]