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lirik lagu 360 – b ray drew


yese choose and i choose
man i chose to be a star
me maame se )mpeni, so i had to make her try. see the tears in my eyes
my paddies all dey fly but megusu twi me bike. if i see them i dey hide
young black, i’ve been hidden like a pride
menni girl na aba mpena. always praying on my grind
i’m on my knees lord, make i see ease lord
shower me your blessing and make i feel your easy work
nana nyame nie
3nd3 me m’ba, 3w) s3 wo y3 me yie
ne3 menim arh ne odo
i no get time for the hate
menni luck i make my own ways
save a soul started saving at a young age
me ne scott, man you no go fit o trace
all the hunger that we face
e be you anka you faint. we felt the pain
see the anger and the p-ssion man you can’t prevent
i was raised in the ghetto where we pray and sin
all we knew was the paw paw sound of the gun with mobs around
k!lla k!lla s3m, that was what we saw as fun
if s3 yenni ne3 y3b3 di arh then we go fit make a sound
meny3 sakawa, i know what i got
papa said that i’m star but then my time will come
west thug murf-cka i tatt it on my arms
huh!.. and i ever since i had the real dudes
all we do is win win, we no dey fear who
talk about the att-tude and i get a mark too
i told my n-ggers we gon pull up in a bentley
mpae wey dey hia be say dem go push us plenty
real fact ain’t n0body gotta lie
if you no go fit to buy then you better step aside huh
west thug mern !!! yeah

freestyle part
they say the truth hurt so i lied for my good
cause i don’t wanna feel the pain of a jerk in my neck
and at this moment i’m feeling the best
out of the eden so i’m making a fest
y’all come join me sin we pray afterwards
we living on a free land, sea land
ain’t no license to be asked so we grind hard
work hard
middle finger in the air, f-ck ur lies
ain’t n0body to predict my life so don’t get me high
i’m cool, i breath yeah i schooled but the dog wanna fool, he want some peace outta my mood woo
just woke up, ain’t no green so i’m f-cked up. need some light and a pen just to meditate on this track hoh
get the revelation. we should’ve hit at the back but ain’t no support so backed off in a while
grind hard work hard until we got paid but not enough
me and my n-ggers have had enough
life ain’t fair i need a judge to make things right
i put on my best effort, n-ggers don’t feel it but i feel it’s the best running in town
from kampala to bogorso
we no dey see anybody with the crown cause we own the palace so we choose all the ones
dig in the ground you’ll see nothing found but my soul will be out praising god hallelujah i feel good in this gown