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lirik lagu 47* – b.the great


aye, aye, aye
huh, i always snap, no matter the beat
listen to the goat of the future, yeah, wait

i’m colder than saint nicholas, got the impetus
to pitter the patter, flipping out, then i’m in and out
and i’m getting it, like i play for the many men
i diminish the enemy, n-gg-s really goin get it
until they hit to the oblivion, like god d-mnit
i’m ending it, triple time my flow period
when i switch, and i diss who blitz, like leviticus
bih, i’m sick like it’s syphilis, want a make up a million
in mintues, the maid, the minute it’s made, i’m intimate
i’m spitting more than some cinnamon, yeah
the guap need to hit up a minimum, yeah
i hope you f-ggots, is listening, yeah
run my whole island, like gilligan, yeah
i’m out this world, my flow is a wave, you get lost in the sea
and b-tch, i’m an alien, cause i’m ill more
than if i contracted the f-cking bad -ss disease
like b-tch in these least, when i’m on a beat
i just go elite, in the middle east, i’m a deacon
i got these lil hoes screaming, when i beat it
b-tch i’m a eat it, like a fetus, like who the f-ck you talking to?
wake ya -ss, like it’s c-cka-doodle doo, i stick like super glue
and i’m pretty sure you dudes, lost a noodle or two
if you think your doodle, can compare to my pic-sso piece
i know really you don’t wanna go against me
cause b-tch i’ll throw ya logic out the window
like it’s ultimate frisbee
that’s not a diss to the rapper, uh
but i make reign, like a news caster, uh
f-cking with me, and i’ll mega-man blast ya
shoot paint b-lls at your phantom, like casper
i’m just living what i did, yeah, can never give respect
to the feds yeah, whoever slept on me in 2016
well then you have a lot to regret yeah
like i don’t flex, i exercise my mind
to manipulate my dang brain power
i don’t have to drop an alb-m, i can drop one single
and it’ll look like i have 9 spouses (right)
lasted longer than a pack of c4, that when it blow up
it’ll make you r-t-rded, whoever batted on my last song
ya’ll can cover up, like a mascot, but if i said i didn’t
place the kitten in bidding, and bit it
then my n-gg- i’d be dead wrong
froze over, and off sunny, move slower than 4 tortoises
you idolize all these fakers, but my iris shows truth imported in
i’m borderline, recorded of immortalized mortal eyes
riding colder, than the polar in the worst demise
all ya’ll are amateurs, even though i rep rojo
i feel like a matador, stop robin hooding
or scratch off a calendar, but it’s february
messing with the goat, is very scary, like 47
st–z believe it in it, rest in piece, not a n-z-
but i hate these n-gg-s, this the last piece of the puzzle
don’t cover up, like a muzzle, if you in the struggle
keep going but you won’t reach where i am
or where i’m going, gone