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lirik lagu at the end of the day – baby animals


say, did i get that right or was it just cr-p coming out of your mouth
a lousy mixture of c-ckiness and miserable att-tude
hey! self-appointed hero
you fool around like a clown, do you wanna compete
well it’s hard to break this to you
but there ain’t no trophy to win in this race

at the end of the day
the sh-t you’ve thrown will be
thrown right back at you

all you have is a big mouth, and an even bigger ego
a terrible mixture of self-importance and plain stupidity
oh! self-appointed star, to lie about
and mock other people around
is really nothing but the tactics of a fool

at the end?

this ain’t no compet-tion
no, no compet-tion
you’ve got nothing to gain by talking sh-t
no, no compet-tion
there’s nothing to gain for you?

at the end?