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lirik lagu soldier – baby yungin


yeah, yeah, yeah (ayy, turn that b-tch up, glory)
b-tch, i’m a soldier, you know where i’m from, n-gga

i’m a soldier in disguise, b-tch, you know that i’m with it
lord, forgive me for my lies, yeah, i know i’ve been sinnin’
all them nights that i cried, you can’t live how we livin’
jd died in front my eyes, now i’m runnin’ ’round with it
i know what pain, loss, and ache is
hate livin’ like this, i wanna make it
i can’t ride around the town naked
cut my gr-ss low, ’cause i know that them n-ggas, they be snakin’
i’m a soldier, they gon’ stop who?
big steppers all around me, gonna stomp you, swing you
untouchable, don’t let me cross you
burner in my lap, i call this b-tch a hot tool
i been crazy since a jit, not no high school
what they said, f-ck ’round, collie leave them dead
was down on my d-ck, my n-ggas ’bout they bread, yeah
aim for dome like a ho, what the f-ck’s a vest?
drop my problems in that codeine ‘stead of holdin’ in my chest
how you know what love is, but don’t show it?
how you chase your dreams but don’t go for it?
how you lose your b-tch without you knowin’?
i ain’t gonna lie, i’m lost, i don’t know where i’m going, look
grew up in the north, wes chapel made
i’m a soldier at the spot i was raised, yeah, look
i showed her all my problems and i smoke up all my pain
yeah, no matter where i go, i can’t never run away
lately i been sleepin’ with the demons, oh
i’m askin’ for a sign, i ain’t speakin’ ’bout a beacon
you tell me that you love me, well you better have a reason
colder than december, n-gga, i don’t got no feelings
if you with me, say you love me, grab a hold of me
ain’t no n-gga by fear, ain’t no ho in me
everywhere i go, i got that pole on me
i been gettin’ bands how i’m ‘posed to be, uh
mama say she love me but she don’t like how i’m livin’
what happened to her baby? yeah, who let him play the [?]
grab my pen and paper and i write down all my feelings
yeah, i know that i been sinning, yes, they’re over in my winnings
ate off the ground and i say that with hurt
came out the ground, n-gga came from the dirt
jd all up in my mind, jd on a shirt
say i set a bounty, n-gga, say that i would hurt
i’m a street n-gga, you get me and i get you
got my [?] on my back, n-gga, don’t go make the news
a ho gon’ be a ho regardless, yeah, she gon’ pick and choose
ain’t n0body real enough to go speak the truth
b-tch, i’m gettin’ cheese, and i’m ballin’ like a laker
cutter up, down, yeah i’m cutter like a taper
draco got a drum and it came with a laser
i don’t chase a ho, n-gga, yeah, i’m chasin’ paper
droppin’ back to back, shock the world like a taser
f-ck your ho now and she kissin’ on you later
i’m snappin’ in the game, n-gga, but i ain’t no gator
i’m chokin’ out the game, n-gga, i ain’t undertaker, oh, oh