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lirik lagu shopping centre – babydave


mate, have you been in tunbridge wells precinct lately? it’s so f*cking depressing, and i’m quite a positive guy. like, there’s nowhere to eat, loads of shops are shut, you don’t literally bump into anyone. [?] tunbridge wells now, mate, just [?] five guys. what are you up to, mate? i thought i could say h*llo. i’m thinking of you and i’m loving you loads. merry chris– merry christmas, merry christm–

yeah, yeah
this one’s called “shopping centre”

[verse 1]
the shopping centre’s bleak, it ain’t what it used to be
mark my words, by 2023 this place is gonna bе
a distribution centre for amazon delivеry
it’s a grim outlook, but that’s the way things are going
it’s happening rapidly, showing no signs of slowing
there goes another one and another one
once i got a full month’s ban for nicking bubble gum

true stories. but i feel sorry for the security guards now, d’you know what i mean though? when we were younger, this place was f*cking buzzing, but now

[verse 2]
this town’s coming like a ghost town
every day another shop’s getting closed down
slow down, if you blink you might miss it
i love this town, but i’m the first to admit it
it’s so dead, like r.i.p
here lie the remains of the rvp (what?)
coming soon, doom and gloom
brought to you in part by amazon delivery
– you already said that, mate
– i know i did, mate, but it’s true, like, look around. are you trying to tell me this isn’t part of a bigger plan?
– you’re paranoid, mate
– i’m not paranoid

[verse 3]
i’m hungry, yeah, my tummy’s rumbling
swing doors swinging and tumbleweeds tumbling
it’s got me wondering, the people need answers
what have you done with the golden arches?
what have you done with kentucky fried?
i don’t eat that sh*t, but i dug the vibe
f*ck, i’d even go for a [?]
what the f*ck am i talking about?

anyway, that was my tune about the rvp. the royal victoria place, there’s one in every town. wait, one last thing

[verse 4]
long live the rvp, long live the rvp
(everybody say)
long live the rvp, long live the rvp
sportsdirect still holding it down
clinton cards, yeah, that shop goes hard
everybody loves a pandora bracelet
christmas is just round the corner
what’ll be next? will it be next?
on your last dime you can bet
the istore ain’t going nowhere
the istore ain’t going nowhere
in the front door, out the back
pharmaceutical, drugs ‘n that
boots ain’t going nowhere
boots ain’t going nowhere
boots ain’t going nowhere
boots ain’t going nowhere
boots ain’t going nowhere
boots ain’t going nowhere

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