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lirik lagu nothing left to give – backbiter


i don’t get to lie
when i talk

fake as f*ck like the innocence you hide behind
every distant motherf*cker
never one for sh*t
no time spent, but you want to benefit
run your mouth to your friends
tell them my mistake but never tell the f*cking truth
and to all the people i love, i may not be the best but i swear to god i’m f*cking trying

nothing left to f*cking give

just another f*cking burden on all of us
another dead wеight tied to my feet
comfortable with a lack of commitment
and i’vе got nothing to give
i won’t be just another
stupid mother f*cker
wasting my life on a 9 to 5
instead of time with
my family and friends
for sh*t i don’t need
that i can’t take with me
when i leave

you’re a soft ass b*tch
that’ll never measure up
to be f*cking anything
eat my f*cking sh*t


(literally is just toilet
noises no pr*nunciation lol)
egotistic f*cking leech
just feed feed feed
i hope you choke
f*ck you
i hope you drown in
all the sh*t that you talk
all you’ll ever be
fake b*tch nothing to me
i’m tired of always trying to pick you up
just so you can spit in my face
you stupid c*nt

nothing left to give
feed feed feed feed feed

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