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lirik lagu 1st time – bad ronald


now this is what i am talking about
stuck in side, but i am letting it out
i am struggling just to keep my poise
and i don’t stop screamin’ till i lose my voice
keep on doing what i feel the most
one last hit and then i am ghost
if it’s not my fault that’s how it has to be
that’s how i am keeping my chast-ty
if i had it all i would give it away
no idea how i am living today
line by line
show by show
i got these ladies
toe to toe
couple of drinks and i am ready to go
ask me again and i’ll still say no

don’t be hatin’ on me baby
give me that sweet stuff all night long
i feel like it’s my first time
i feel like it’s my first time

i remember the first time i met you
couldn’t for get you
everything was right
knew i had to let you
into my life
but the question was how
it all seems so clear looking back now
back in ’92 didn’t have a clue
school bell ring sky clear blue
get my -ss home
call you on the phone
you promise later on that night
we be alone
next five hours, don’t think i sat
took a trip to the store for a lubricated hat
check my self in the mirror
91 times
rehe-rs-d in my head
99 lines
came to your door
you grabbed me by the hand
heart beatin’ quick
i am about to be a man
girl, you satisfy my soul
went to put the trojan on, sh-t, it had a hole


i am always wakin’ up real early
some time around two o’clock
girls can’t wait for me to call
so they can get this started
it’s a daily operation
f train to my subway station
but i am still a virgin, babe
so lets stick, to masturbation

remember sh-t, i am ready to go
saw a girl i met at a show
forgot her name
and she got mad
how could she miss what she never really had?
got love from here to infinity
loose control when she’s in my vicinity
i want to take her home and show her i am a surgeon
tell i love her
then tell her i am a virgin