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lirik lagu closer – bamboozlers


words and music: justin moore
your eyes, your smile,
when i’m with you, it drives me wild
your voice, sound so sweet
you call my name, it makes me weak
but i’m scared, i won’t stay strong
oh i’m scared, you won’t stay long
baby, you’re me heart, you’re my soul
and i gotta let you know (i said)
baby, when i’m with you, i feel alright
and i try to make it show
your feel, your touch
all i want is just your love
i can’t hold back, i can’t restrain
i wanna hold you again
prechorus: chorus:
prechorus: chorus:
i want you closer
girl i need you closer
oh my hearts on fire
and the flame won’t go out
i want your body
up against my body
wanna hold you close
until the end of my life