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lirik lagu 30 bars intro – bamm2x


homie: yo,yo,yo
bamm2x: whats good n-gga?
homie: i got some hoes on deck we gotta go slide on that
bamm2x: what?
homie: yeah
bamm2x: ight n-gga lets go, lets go, lets go hurry up
homie: im about to get in that p-ssy
bamm2x: ha you a fool, we out

im like 1,2,3 into the 4
ima real n-gga and i don’t play nomore. (3x)

im saying your lame ,your lame ,and you lame too
i’ll take your mask off like scoopy-doopy
and i ain’t talking block boy but im coming thru
pulling out that f-cking choppa hitting you ,you and you
and if your homies want smoke f-ck it they get it too
you know i’m with the clips like im shooting a movie
n-ggas like to play a part and don’t know what they doing
listen to the drug addicts, what are they doing?
they ain’t telling you no wisdom they just keeping it goofy
yeah that b-tch p-ssy stank n-gga like it was sushi
i just wasted all my money took the b-tch to the movies
now i got a laywer and his nickname is tooly
6ix9ine a b-tch man he on a clown movie
i was down broke and all i listened to was boosie
ain’t talking vert but you know i keep the uzi
n-ggas go soft like a mother f-ckin smooth
n-ggas in the ville ain’t f-ckin with a newbie
hungry for this money you can call me mr.krabs
ill do you dirty end it with a d-mn stab
ain’t talking gucci but you know i keep the bag
gotta catch a lame like a n-gga playing tag
swiper no swiping how i ran off with your bag
1 n-gga talk, whole team gone bang
ain’t talking usher but my choppa like to sing
if i spot you out ima clean you like a stain
now you stuck with that look like a mother f-ckin frame
coming out that window you can call me peter pan
i ain’t gotta trip cause she knows i am the man aye

im like 1,2,3 into the 4
ima real n-gga and i don’t play nomore. (3x)