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lirik lagu 20:20 bars – bandhunta izzy


(they say izzy go back to old you ,so f*ck i had to bring it back to place i didn’t wanna go to)

young n*gga front line crunch time in this b*tch wit ahh 4,5th i don popped out ,rocked out ,flocked our when it come to dis war sh*t i don seen da sh*t done da sh*t heard about neva said a word about it
shootout imma trenches wit it we be spinnin f*ck it we goin swerve about it ,i be f*ckin wit da ogs i’m so weak my big homie oded
can’t forget he told me im the golden child he had to show me
we hittin n*ggas flippin n*ggas jump out cars da get dem n*ggas get dem n*ggas stolen cars wit sticks up in em off dat liquor bout da get ahh different victim younger n*gga wit dem young n*ggas but i’m lookin up da dem how da f*ck i win if they was some dumb n*ggas
if they tell me spin f*ck it imma spin generation after generation we ain’t wanna hustle we want n*ggas head they was happy when they picked full i was happy when i seen ahh n*gga dead i don shoes n*ggas loyalty 40 deep popped out 40 on me leave em sleep showed n*ggas how to whip it ike and teek locked up ova n*ggas writin me i ain’t have no hop i ain’t playin ball i was mixing fentanyl wit da raw tryna get my n*gga slezzy cook it all north hot told me bring it to da wall free all my lng indicted dem boys got dem felonise wit em i send da word and i bet he going get em send him ahh pic and i bet he going hit em walk down tippytoe tag on toes disappear how fast he go murda sh*t da trap was slow baggin oops duck it we ain’t baggin dope i don seen da tears wit da box i don been on tears in dat box we don’t share no tears for no opp bullet drop like tears from dat glock tape his block up homicide ridin foreign side glock 9s tryna slide shoot his block up we don’t stay inside we just walk down hit em in his eye tryna rob to ahh murda one how da f*ck dhat happen brodie had da gun how da f*ck you rapin you ain’t did you nun all dem oops you got you ain’t slide on nun i don slide on all of em sh*t on all of em clips on all of em flipped on all of em got da drop we going sit on all of em step on sh*t and we going trip on all of em dumb n*ggas dhats da mo get low when you see dis sh*t blow i might sick ahh demon watch dhat pic go leave ahh n*gga dropping in his drip bro i tell em when it’s murda make sure n*ggas know dhat you going murda first time n*ggas think that sh*t sweet street sweepers be waitin like ahh server street sweepers we got ,we got dem options we got all dem babies just like adoptions we got all dem shottas we touchin tops dhat boy wanted smoke fill em up wit toxins we don’t glorify sh*t we just had da do it he don walked down on me so i had to shoot he walked down on me so you know i blew it dhat boy would of k!lled me you think i’m stupid i can’t go like that any opp want smoke like dhat i’mma roll right back one in his leg if he runnin one in his back when he fall walk down put one in his cap that sh*t dhat we do who (who) want smoke (you) we wanted weed anyway we’ll smoke you ,you should just leave in the way that i told you, drums in dis b*tch dhat will beat like da pro tools izzy go back to da old you they don’t know dhat i was stuck in a trap they don’t know dhat i be thinking bout dhat now i’m back in dis b*tch and i’m bout da relapse they don’t know bout da pain dhat it bring reminiscin how we post on da black and ahh n*gga ran up and we seen dhat boy brain