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lirik lagu scooter man – bando kd


[intro: mblock die y]
(woah, woah, woah*woah*woah)
what? go, go, go
these n*ggas ain’t on sh*t, so why they talkin’ like they is?
i be f*ckin’ lost sometimes, man
these n*ggas ain’t on—, huh, go

[verse 1: mblock die y & bando kd]
these n*ggas ain’t on sh*t, so why they talkin’ like they is?
n*gga, you ain’t k!ll n0body, so why you talkin’ like you did?
if a n*gga do sumn’ to us, we get back, that’s on my kids
grab the broom, do a sweep, they know how we get
a hunnid’ ball on his head, i might just k!ll his kids
four*nickel bust his brains up, it went right through his dreads
if you ever hit him in the top, he droppin’, noodle legs
soon as you see him fall, run up on him, make sure he dead
clip, clip, clip (clip), we clippin’ all they heads
run up on his ass, we make sure all ’em dead
call us fly shoppin’ and filled his ass wit’ lead
heard about lil’ detro, sh*t, his ass dead

[chorus: mblock die y]
lil’ tuda ride on that scooter, sc*scooter man
hit him wit’ that (brrt), wit’ the scooter still in his hand
all they ass fans, and you can’t come into the hood
then yo’ ass banned, ridin’ wit’ this fan
blow they ass down (brrt), that’s that man
they be scared of them (who?), mblock and they mans
i ain’t got no friends, foe’nem off them bands
run up on us wrong, you gon’ hear this fan (go, ayy, go)
[verse 2: bando kd]
scoom dead, now let’s make another one
you ain’t got no gun, go and get yo’ brother gun
i stay spinnin’ through the opp’s block, boy, this sh*t be fun
mblock turnt as h*ll, now we just got us some funds
n*ggas broke as h*ll, out hittin’ l!cks, boy, yo’ ass a bum
amg and black trucks, we gon’ wrap this sh*t like it’s nun’
got my chain on every day, ain’t no n*gga takin’ nun’
them k!llas vicious on them missions, they be all dressed up like hunters
ayy, and this n*gga be snitch like gunna
spin they block, we out, all hunnids, n*gga
all these n*ggas be b*tches, but they know kd, he be stuntin’, n*gga
brrt, hop out, blast him, n*ggas be nice as h*ll like casper
all that fashion, all in designer, man, that b*tch way too average, n*gga
n*ggas be postin’ these guns but don’t even use ’em, sumn’ like an action figure
me and my crowd, we wild, we get down, we be splackin’ n*ggas
go, ayy, b*tch, we be—
let’s do it, let’s do it, mblock, ayy, ayy, ayy
spinnin’ they block wit’ a whole lotta’ shots, lil’ bro tryna’ let off the drac’
n*ggas be talkin’ ’bout sh*t, they diss on the gang, lil’ bro get him out the way
i was just spinnin’, i want a face, no, i can’t work no minimum wage
n*ggas be broke as f*ck, mblock turnt, b*tch, we gon’ get paid, n*gga

[outro: bando kd & mblock die y]
i say, b*tch, we gon’ get paid, n*gga
ayy yo, long live baby tae, let’s do it
let’s do it (mblock), go (fah, fah, fah)

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