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lirik lagu charles takes a walk – bargain music


there was once a man who was all obsessed with the strangest things
like nestle quik original cdrs and afro sheen
he built himself this dome
never left his home
decided life is much better when your own your own
might not want my opinion but he could have been on to something good
we watched videos of mash from seven to eight thirty
and good times till ten fifteen
he washed and vacuum the floor was never dirty
he had a mile high pile of us magazine
cases of wine that he bought online
but the delivery hadn’t been around for quite some time
each moment was becoming more unbearable
for a man without his merlot
so he stepped out into the light
for the first time in a decade

charles walked for about a mile
all the streets and the houses had changed
everything had been rearranged
but he walked on just the same

charles was born on september the eighth 1963
he first got laid somewhere in ninth grade
all the while on five hits of lsd
it’s so hard to say

he tried to connect but ended a suspect
a hand picked architect of his own neglect
madness started with a routine of bactine and cavy
a pension for green beans anything that rhymes with hygiene
it’s so hard to say

and he hoped
if he turned right
he would find his way back home ya
and the thought of his rainbow brite
let him know that he wasn’t alone
so he said not for war