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lirik lagu 3400k – baybface touré


[intro: everything gwaluh]

[verse: everything gwaluh]
stop flexin’, you know you a b-tch
boy, i’ll pull up and you know i’ll come take all your sh-t
you the type of lame n-gga wanna save a b-tch
then get mad when she come f-ck with a clayco n-gga
(welcome to clayton county aka jur-ssic park)
best believe i’ma keep a 30
[?] and my motherf-ckin’ pants 30
f-ck a broke b-tch, you know i’m gon’ keep a 40
best believe when you see me, yeah, i got it on me
i ain’t playin’ with you p-ssy n-ggas
every time i see you sprayin’ at you p-ssy n-ggas
best believe it, boy, this sh-t real
you done f-cked up, my brother in jail
disrespecting on his f-ckin’ name
best believe now you a f-ckin’ stain
i kinda saved you ’cause that n-gga ian f-ck with you
but now a n-gga better duck with you