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lirik lagu 22 freestyle – bazanji


22 freestyle
we back
yeah, yeah

finally feel like i made it, but i’m not even close
to where i wanna be, sellin’ out shows
across the globe, meeting everybody that i know
from the internet, i’m talking, europe to chicago
but i gotta take a step back, think about the past year
went from getting no love to helping people love fear
writing out my thoughts and giving people my advice
and i got so many messages that say, “you changed my life”
man, it’s crazy how it goes down, finally in control now
took a little while, but i got it on my own now
yeah, i made the honor roll and lately i been on a roll
dropping all these hits, i don’t think that i could slow down
took so many flights that i started losing count
i new york on a on the taz show, i had to shut it down
made my first live interview, i was kinda nervous
told ’em drop a beat and you know that it got murdered
sh-t they never heard of, feeling so -ssertive
risin’ in the game and i got rid of all my burdens
the biggest setbacks are always hidden in disguise
it was right in front of me, i had to read between the lines
and i’m ready for the challenges, this is all a mind game
waiting for a long time, now they been calling my name
asking me to step up, see what i made of
makes me thankful for the old songs i was ashamed of
my monthly pay went from 500 to five figures
bought my family gifts and paid for people’s dinners
they deserve it just like i do, i drive and the gon’ ride, too
saw my family happy, god d-mn, i almost cried, too
got my mom a tv ’cause my music in commercials
i came a long way from middle school band rehearsals
i knew this sh-t would happen, everything is unexpected
shows with dj khaled, got my boys all on the guest list
everywhere i go they’re coming with me now
every week a different city now
people tellin’ me they missed me now
it’s funny ’cause they said i was too c-cky
when i told ’em all this sh-t was gonna happen, now they lost me
movin’ on to better things, no worryin’ ’bout a wedding ring
focused on my grind, so i can never think ’bout settlin’
down at this age, i need a crown on the stage
i been around everyway, you never found another me, d-mn
people asking for the secret like i’m hiding something
really put in all the work that everybody bluffin’
fifteen songs and seven remixes and i still don’t give a d-mn ’bout what the double-x l list is
put me at at the plate, all hits, no misses
labels reaching out, so i’ma make a couple visits now
i been out here spendin’ money on the vision
22 years, and i never seen the compet-tion