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lirik lagu dear ann – bazerk & sizl


(intro: makane bazerk)
dear ann
i wanna be your big burly man
and it’s not just because of your big old cans
yee yee

{verse 1: makane bazerk}
the way you melt my heart
hot like meemaw’s tarts
you spark my rusted plug
like a summertime junebug
i can’t even catch a bass
that’s as charming as your ass
i’ve never milked a cow
with milk sweet as you bestow

{chorus: joe sizl}
i sure am ready
to be your son’s daddy
and he’ll never feel left out
i promise it won’t suck
i’ll even let him cuck

{verse 2: makane bazerk}
i just can’t takе it no more
ann show me what those knees arе for
come on over and show daddy
some looooooooovin’
maybe i’ll pop another little melt in the over f*ck it

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