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lirik lagu 1:45 convo – be4st tha trapper


[intro: bie6996{yung hondo}]
yung hondo
(ha ha ha)

[verse 1: bie6996{yung hondo}]
back to the story, i’m huge! (i’m huge!)
i’m a quick blower like a fuse (like a fuse. yea)
spitting these bars you’re gonna use (you’re gonna use)
on this rap battle n*gga i cruise (i cruise. woah)
when it comes to b*tches n*gga i use (i use)
this is not cossy but they’re my rules (rules)
what’s the law out there????
they’re outlawed??? (woah)

i slaughter beats
i murder lines and k!ll everytime (everytime)
you f*ckеrs can’t hang
when i come through with dope rhymеs (dope rhymes)
i’m a lion in gene, you’re an antelope
you can’t see me boy, get a microscope
i’m back to the top, i ain’t gon’ drop (ain’t gon’ drop)
you turn to be a shortage like zesa (yea)
zvema rivals i’m everywhere kunge jecha (yea)
and we’re spreading everywhere like oxygen (ohhww)
you’re too small but no dynamite
your package is way way too much light
i’m a n*gga who’s tryna loss a fight
but b*tch you’re too weak to hold me tight
i’m the big dawg , you can’t handle my bites
(hrrrrrrrrrrrr hoo hoo hoo hoo)

i said i’m the big dawg
you can’t handle my bites n*gga

[verse 2: be4st tha trapper]
i be goated
but who that baphomet though?
cause beasty a comet
(be4st tha trapper)
shooting for the top
i’m a rocket
watch me plummet
hit after hit
laid back
kissing the sunset
(sun! sun!)
y’all need to change your mindset
who says i’m over hated? (nah!)
for my talent
my flow is dripping
i’m a leaking faucet
cause i’m not doing it
for the cash or the swag
everyone in it for the flex!

[outro: be4st tha trapper]
2020 we ain’t trash
who had the better verse who cares?
6996 & sensei yeah, we the best
sun kissed ep
stay tuned
stay blessed