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lirik lagu never know* – ​beabadoobee


lyrics from poster

spending too much time [?] california
and [?] all this time i’ll be waiting for [?]
so i can finally get back
i’ve never felt that, i’ve never felt that
same from the inside wanted a change
it took [?] see it real time wish
you could’ve [?] been [?] swear [?]
swear i tried got a fragile he [?] always thought you [?] from the start
guess that’s how we do [?] you’re stuck [?]
you’re [?] tired of living so far [?] not the plan
[?] wouldn’t [?] the same from the inside
wasn’t [?]
you’ll see [?]
i tried, i swear, i tried [?]
listen, ’til [?]
and i know* [?] quiеt [?]
listen ’til i start to cry and i’d pick up the piecеs of who the [?]
i’ll never know, i’ll never know, they’ll never know now
they’ll never know, they’ll never know

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