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lirik lagu “18” – beachcolors


(verse 1)

the cars still runnin’
the heat from the sun will gently
melt your head to your brain
i heard that its just life
you buy yourself a wife
so your grampa doesn’t think your g*y
get yourself accounts
get yourself a house
drop off all your youth
in the city
and maybe when you die
somebody will cry
and put your last words
on your grave


babe, you’re crushin’ me open
open, open

babe, babe
you’re crushin’ me open
(verse 2)

its all the same
you say werе back in line
enough, i say
enough is fine
i play the 18 holеs of life
but was it good enough
its hard to love, babe
its hard to trade
life away, babe
for years in the dirt
or forever in the sky