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desperations - beast 1333 lyrics


[verse 1]
ain’t no life void of desperations and all*encompassing sadness sensation
when the storm pass, it’s wisdom that’s granted if you stay patient
motivation is hard to acquire if you feel rotten
we’ve forgotten, before we were born, there was people plotting
and they hate us, they laugh and the mockery, cause they made us
they forbade us, the knowledge in sanskrit is called vedas
or samhitas, aggressively, cops are the ones who treat us
sh*t us, grieve us, the kingdom, the family, the class, the genus
we are animals grounding our food to pulp with our mandibles
then swallowing the nutrients, the sheeple, the soul, commandable
so understandable, cause when nurtured, the people bloom
in an uncomfortable existence, a blister led to their doom
so wake up this thinking room, recording with its portal
foolish mortals, arterial network, the pump of yodel
as the blood beats, it makes its way from your brain to your b*tt cheeks
and down to your toes, we repose like the flies on dung heaps

*man, they got all the money and all the weapons, how we supposed to fight em?
*no weapon formed against me may prosper, just use your words

[verse 2]
my tongue leaps a lash and a thrash and a full barrage
to keep the bones of john mccain in a secret masonic lodge
behind a pane of glass, the rituals perform inside of cable bats
and natural springs, plotting destruction while taking vapor baths
i think perhaps the truth is out of grasp, before our time elapses
i’ll state the facts, you put out, you attract, full consciousness attack
i double back to teach the way i did the way your brother do
my music’s custom made and understood by just the chosen few
i am the glue, the bond, cohesiveness to get you congregating
massive crowds of people gather round when i am conversating
sit inside my pod debating if it’s worthy of returning
undiscerning, keep it churning, yearning and at l*st for learning
it’s concerning, in my pockets are empty, don’t pay a mind
a matter of time, your staff from behind, if you treat ’em kind
i’m in the h*llebond, the b*st*rd child, the hip*hop that was left behind
was never signed, if ever so inclined, i’m like a state of mind
man, i just feel like there’s not enough time to do it all, man

[verse 3]
there’s never time, cause time is relevant and non*existent even
change of season, life’s not worth the gamble if you’re breaking even
keep believing, put out, you receiving, why you not perceiving
thought conceiving, bleeding, leave them even until it’s even steven
social, cultural, deception, circumstances, the connections
genuflections, bent and at the knee, no mutual affection
massive world interconnection, slaves are trapped in social webbing
had a vision of a yellow sky and bl**dy ocean ebbing
every one of you is letting other people sway and guide you
things i teach should be the fundamental principles inside you
i am just a father and a brother and a son
and a lover to ma aztec queen, my number one
blood of carob, arawak native, taino primate
who causing the ground for my sound to begin to vibrate?
ammonia and silver nitrate for cordurizing the gases
where’s my glasses? yo, your box of sassafrasses, yo your ass is grassless
vegas, nassus and you flunk the classes, never asked for passes
fern in my square is the sun and the world collapses

*man, f*ck all that sh*t, man, yo beast, can i get 20 dollars tho
*nuh, get the f*ck up
*20 dollars
*get the f*ck out of here with that bullsh*t, no

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