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lirik lagu ​saturated – beauxlol


it’s present day, i can’t give a f*ck about regrets
i zoned out on you, baby, didn’t hear what you said
major motion, got no time to make amends
leaked dm’s, heard that she was f*cking with my friends
i’m uneasy unless i’m by myself
don’t think that i could do this sh*t by myself
if i can’t get a clue, then n*gga, who else?
pick me up by the straps of my boots, hold my tongue
my sh*t fire, i ain’t really heard no complaints
move the way that i want and you can’t
emit metals from my skin like a mage
pretty besties, f*ck both and get paid
pretty white hoes, make both of them my slave
love isolation, i need my own sp*ce
you putting on for me, why’d you double up the face?
heartbeat like bass, i like organic touches
try to find sh*t, why i’m always posted in the cut trying to find sh*t?
always in some business, like little n*gga, never mind it
up the saturation on my videos, they vibrant
up the disappearance on these n*ggas, you can’t find him

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