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lirik lagu starting line – beer n black


[verse1: tweeter]
my temperature, it’s climbing
on the edge of the bed with ya head on my legs, i’m flying
laying back just vibing, like a needle in a haystack hiding
i’m citizen cope with a little less dope and a lot less hope
and a god blessed flow, make you drop back slow
mind blown from that shotgun smoke
5-0 ain’t got time for n0body so god d-mn rock n roll
got that green like a stop and go
somehow d-ck clean, mop and glo
lipstick f-cked up, mascara f-cked up
all because of that makeup s-x
wake up f-ck her make her breakfast
go to work get paid up next
from the moment that i pop off
it’s a drop off
every other whippersnapper is a knock off
now i got her breathing heavy like a pot cough
knocking her socks off getting my rocks off
i’m hot sauce burning your tongue
or the shot just burning your stomach
pot smoke burning your lungs, inferno
k!ll this stage like a murderer does it
word to your mother, trust this virgo
you get furloughed, i do work
i light that purp and write that verse
speak in cursive, words i’m slurring
fight them curses, win them battles
always climbing, got that ladder
always higher, flying saucers
my whole roster always striking first

[hook: tweeter]
danger’s in the air tonight
it ain’t hard to find
part of me just wants to party party all the time
you can find me under covers like i’m solving crimes
i ain’t winning nothing if i’m standing at the starting line

[verse2: jrockbnb]
from the point of introduction my sh-ts disgusting
with a pen tip put an end quick to all your bull sh-t discussions
this bakers not making m-ffins
jeffrey dahmer baking people
no need for ovens or nothing
just need a blunt and my brother
the way the crowd hushing
no pause or interruptions
i’m puffing on christmas buds and
just stuffing chickens like stuffing
on this beat just f-cking
no kissing or cuddling, high fives or hugging
forgot your name lost your number
i won’t call you nothing
i am the man to go earl manigault
high with the flow when it comes to goal i score
i grease ya just like you pinot
i scarface just like pachino
i’m vegas you reno
i make you say yes and scream no
i got brothers eskimo that’ll leave you cold like ski slops
when the beat go broke
hop back on the track in full blown beats mode
yack yack boom boom then i reload where’d i put that c4
in a coat with a mag fulla rap n-gga dream k!lla
got platinum chains for all you gorillas
wanna be more illa
stop wearing skinny jeans k!lla

[hook: tweeter]