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lirik lagu stranger – ben caplan


when i was a child my mother
would tuck me into bed
and each night as she kissed me
these are the words that she said

she said
don’t go to bed with strangers
don’t play with the dead
always keep your wits sharp
like the axe inside the shed

yay diridiri day diridiri day
yay diridiri day daydaday
yiridaydayday yirididaydayday
dayday dayday dayday

when i was just a schoolboy
my father, he spoke unto me
he said, boychick, my son
don’t trust anyone
and remember that nothing is free

“and the world is full of strangers
the world is full of dread
the world is full of charm and wits
and millions of tears you will shed”

yay diridiri day diridiri day…

well, when i was a young man
my professor at university
said advice is corrupting
don’t ever be trusting
don’t show your emotion
human suffering is an ocean
and it’s dark at the bottom of the sea

and there’s no such thing as a stranger
they’re equally backwards and wrong
shapened axes, not wits
bones are broken by sticks
and you never be free till you’re strong

yay diridiri day diridiri day…

well, young men grow older
and the world, it gets colder
though it never was warm to begin
don’t let down your guard
for the reaper works hard
and he will not take pause till you’re dead

now i’m old and i’m rusty
my troubles like sand on a beach
they can’t be calculated
i always have waited
for something just out of reach

and i to myself am a stranger
my heart is an island of lead
my world is resounding
with miseries unbounding
there’s only one thing to be said

i’ll say hay diridiri day diridiri day…