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lirik lagu gracie – ben folds


you can’t fool me
i saw you when you came out
you got your momma’s taste
but you got my mouth

you will always have a part of me
n-body else is ever gonna see
gracie girl

with your cards to your chest
walking on your toes
what you got in the box
only gracie knows

and i would never try to make you be
anything you didn’t really wanna be
gracie girl

life flies by in seconds
you’re not a baby
gracie, you’re my friend
you’ll be a lady soon
but until then
you gotta do what i say

you nodded off in my arms watching tv
i won’t move you an inch
even though my arm’s asleep

one day you’re gonna wanna go
i hope we taught you everything
you need to know
gracie girl

there will always be a part of me
n-body else is ever gonna see
but you and me
my little girl
my gracie girl