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lirik lagu 2am – benji mikel


please be my main thing (main thing)
my heart is aching for you (for you)
last time i saw you, i did you wrong (did you wrong)
last time i saw you, i proved you wrong (and i proved you wrong)
i proved you wrong
cause you trusted me (trust in me)
and i have trust in you (trust in you)
but i blew it (i blew it)
and things have never been the same
(no no, no no, no no)
things have never been the same
thinking bout you (thinking bout you)
at 2am (2am)
think about you, think about you
i just can’t stop thinking about you
all them other girls, they cannot replace you (no, no, no, no)
things i’ve been telling you (telling you)
ain’t no lies, lies, lies, lies (lies, lies, lies, lies)
i want you mine, mine, mine, mine (mine, mine, mine)
your friends have been talking bout me (talking bout me)
i know it (i know it)
they don’t want you to get at her (get at her)
and it makes so much sense because (makes sense)
the things i did, the things i say
i’m just tryna be honest with you (honest, yeah)
we had a connection, then it fell off (fell off)
two years with you i tried (tried)
but nothing ever came of it
aye, nights like this got me so angry bout it (angry bout it)
aye, i’m just tryna talk to you (talk to you)
let’s vibe
let’s vibe vibe
girl, i f*ck with your vibe
can you be mine?
(can you be mine?)
can you be mine?
(can you be)
got on some cliché
but i will behave (i will behave for you)
get rid of my demons for you
do everything you need to be the
perfect one
(the perfect one, the perfect one, perfect one for me)