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lirik lagu almost vanished – benn


but what if we’re wrong?
and we didn’t understand
that everything we are is somewhat planned
this hallway feels so long, now that you are gone
the miracles have stopped, no furthering the soul
but was i good enough for this to be real?
because i can’t understand these things i feel
and i was better then, left with nothing now
yet underneath the lake, your light is pouring out

and if only i could recognise your face
because without you by my side it’s not the same
and i’m almost vanished now

you take all that i know, and took away the ends; i feel so cold
and there is nothing left, for you to feed upon
so fly back to your nests and leave this ghost alone
because i have seen some things that i don’t understand
and i believe the future now is planned
but the lake has frozen o’er
and the trees are bending down, the clouds are burning up;
and the water’s calling out. and i should say that;

there are things i should have seen
but i was blinded by the light
and i was only looking forwards
but i never looked to my side
i with i could trade our places
i was meant for h-ll
and i have never felt as though
i understand a single piece of this world
before you left me, i was proud
and i was angry, i was whole
i wasn’t able to protect the only ones that i love
how am i supposed to try and rectify the damage, as i suffocate
my lungs they’re slowly failing as they run out of air