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lirik lagu a ballad, a letter – benni blue



[verse 1]
hey, there
you funny, lonesome little thing
you look a little rough around the edges, i
wonder what you’ve seen

and i know
i haven’t got the pride to look at you and notice that it’s me
at least you’re still restless and naïve

[chorus 1]
it’s like i’m racing against my own clock
and i’ll crumble if i stop
when did i even begin?
and why can’t i let myself win?


[verse 2]
oh, you
haven’t learned to keep your mouth shut yet
see, you’re still figuring out how to dress
and i hope
you know that seeing you is taking all the pride that i had left
still wish i could love you any less

[chorus 2]
it’s like i’m k!lling you to be who i am not
and you’ll disappear if i stop
why is it so hard to let you in?
why can’t i let anybody in?

why can’t i let
why can’t i let anybody in?

why can’t i let you in?




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