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lirik lagu 017 freestyle – berwyn


not long before the dust settles
we been about since jay made reasonable doubt
a couple people in my (?) to work
know me enough to know that i’ll never see them
i’ve been busy doing the sh*t these n****s claim they’re doing
the only difference being me i have people to vouch
i left school and i went straight into the family business
where i left (?) to build a future off half an ouncе
it breaks my heart to evеn think about the time wasted
so many people come and gone has got me losing count
this wasn’t my choice, i wanted to go to uni
it was the government who told man i wasn’t allowed
i smoke weed because it helps me sleep
i smoke weed because it helps me to forget about the sh*t i been stressing about
i know i was destined to be more than just another dealer
and this is god’s plan, he’s just testing me out

i miss the missing pieces
i try to (?) it, but at least we speechless
(?) in the eyes because i know he’s my only weakness
young boy, (?), don’t sleep, still he’s always dreaming
free free free chance, free (?)
sometimes it feels like i’m the only one who isn’t in jail
and i just wanna show these n*****s that’s there more to life
standing by the shops outside of (?) station
’cause my boys still like country, ya been there for time
i wish that i could tell you he was on vacation
the fact is you see when you’re living his life
the only holiday you get is going back to jail
only time will tell, confine no help
i (?) buy myself, trying to find myself
losing so much time, when the time was my help
trying to free my mind, but my mind was jail
c’est la vie my guys, c’est la vie that’s life
when i close my eyes, i see (?) lies
my whole life they been trying to tell me “big boys don’t cry” how about we give them oceans and tide