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lirik lagu ​just alike – ​betweentheveinsandi


[intro: betweentheveinsandi & will arnett]
suddenly, you realize you’ll never have a good relationship in your life
you say he loves you like i somehow don’t (a part of you, the stupidest godd*mn part of you)
these words still hurt from our her perfect mouth (was still holding on to that sh*t, you didn’t even realize it until that chance went away)
oh, trust i’m happy that it all worked out (and everything is worse now)

she said you’re broken, promise i don’t mind (promise i don’t mind)
these conversations happen late at night (happen late at night)
these empty bottles stack a mile high (stack a mile high)
my dart went out, i think i need a light (i think i need a light)

i think our vices help us sleep at night (they help us sleep at night)
so wrap my wounds, make sure you wrap ’em tight (make sure you wrap ’em tight)
so every night, i get to flying kites (i get to flying kites)
a canna’ banner, fly this sh*t so high (i fly this sh*t so high)
my dart when out, i think i need a light (i think i need a light)
so she’s a wh0re? (so she’s a wh0re?) i guess you’re probably right
(still, i) still, i can’t change the way i feel inside (i feel inside)
i am these broken promises and we are just alike (oh*oh*oh)
and does it hurt that we won’t talk again? (talk again)
she screams, “you lied” and i said, “now and then” (i said, “now and then”)
but why you acting like you innocent? (like you innocent)
i’m still choking up on all the words that i thought i could have said (oh, we’re just alike)
she said you’re broken and we’re just alike (late at night, these conversations right)
these conversations happen late at night (happen all the time and from a mile high)
look how you’ve grown, look how the time will fly (i throw these bottles but still, the time just flies)
my dart went out, i think i need a light (we’re forced to say goodbye)

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