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lirik lagu cider hammer – big bad wolf


opening the cellar door
underneath my castle floor
memories are flooding back
as we descend the stairs to black

barrels standing made of wood
full of cider, sweet and good
drink to full my men at arms
cider is your drink and food

cider! hammer

drinking hard till afternoon
all we saw was bl–dy fog
saddle the horses, descend on the village
we commence the rape and the pillage

burn the church and hang the priest
cider in our veins awoke the beast
ash and bones, alcoholic drive
no cow, no peasant left alive

cider! hammer

in three days time, revolt is here
we’re under siege can’t disappear
i am in bed, drunk with wh0r-s
when the mob breaks down the doors

i have the time to draw my sword
can’t f-cking stand, here comes the horde
they put my head onto the block
on gates of h-ll, i soon shall knock

cider! hammer