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lirik lagu 2020 – big bee


[intro: big bee]
uh. 2020
ain’t sh*t funny
yea uh!
lets go, uh!

[verse 1: big bee]
2020, ain’t sh*t funny
you think i’m a dummy?
pull up with your mummy
make you look like a zombie
yeah, you talk sh*t? i get you hit
with this pistol
make you pop your zit, woah
it’s 2020, bout to be lit
like y’all don’t see sh*t
i’m finna do this music sh*t
and take off like an a rubik’s
yeah, yeah, y’all heard me
this is my year
call it the light year
star shining so bright on me
ain’t sh*t funny
you finna go dummy
all i need is a bad b*tch beside me
that finna give me dome when i need it
and show her cleavage
i’m bout to snap
two days in and i already made 3 tracks
i’m bout to drop a bomb on the track
and make your b*tch ass clap back
all she wanna do is suck the d*ck
or she will have a fit
imma tell her to go get fit
and hit the gym
with your fat ass eatin mcdonalds everyday fat ass
you gotta stop eating the junk
or you gonna flunk
six feet deep in the slums
all 2020
nothing but hard work and dedication for you dummies
just work hard and you never know what can happen
for you
good opportunities coming your way
just get off of your ass and do something
god has a plan for each and everyone of us
but we just have to get up and show him we want it
we needa cherish the dream
and it might come a reality