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lirik lagu message iii – big boss


[intro: big boss]
ayo jay. gotta lot of hype on that last album
and you’re just sitting here in the night time doing nothing
i was just wondering man, what are you gonna do now and
is this it? or do we keep going?

[verse 1]
uh. don’t hold me back from what i’m bout to do
grab your pen and grab your pad cause y’all wanted the truth. why i’m legendary still man, i’ll give you the proof
abraham lincoln for you fakes. freedom in this booth
i’ve always had this from start
the album rappers putting out, to me, are lacking some heart
and sure
you can tell me how many rappers you are better than
but keep on making songs and i’ll look better in comparison. albums been out a year, you only made 2 g’s
i made over two-thou in a month and that whole album was free
its cause they know i bring the realness y’all are looking for
even though you hating, i know that this the stuff you look towards
many awards and now i’ve been on tour
my vision has been backed down
by the progression of this album movement
illa propper, we cannot back down
huh. now what you think about now
n0body’s hanging wit my sound, i promise you homie

ooh. this the mess that y’all wanted. y’all dont even really know
this the mess that y’all wanted. sit back and enjoy the show

[verse 2]
this one goes out to my forever homie, axis
i know he leading me as all my days go by
you banging beats in the big studio in the sky
next to aaliyah, eazy e, dilla dog, and fiyai
homie, i can’t tell how much this whole rap thing has changed
but it’s not degrading me, it’s only growing my faith in the creator
but these rappers need to come correct
if this rapping is too difficult, hit the brake man, eject
that goes for everybody and yes, i’m about to namesay
that goes for dwood, jlay, dbo, josh sa
and even illa homies nero and jesse
and all my other essays
you get the jist? comprende?
consider me y’alls sensae. i’m on my tmnt
that’s master splinter if you didn’t recognize bro
real recognize real, that’s all part of illa code
better step up or step out. enjoy the freaking show