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lirik lagu 15mike (single) – big mike (us)


[verse one]
guess who’s bizzack? big mike back on the mic
and for that, y’all can thank a hype
chilling at home after getting off work the other day
hit instagram, found out a hype drops today
i thought the 15 track idea was interesting
and i already knew that he would do his thing
no matter what the beat is, a hype murders it
he wanted me to do my own, you know, talk that sh*t!
all these different beats on one track
reminding me of when game was giving rappers heart attacks
here i am, 15 like vince carter
a hype, thanks for reminding me to go harder
it’s a new game boy, let us give you the rules
get out of line and we gone give you the blues
ladies and gentleman, i hope y’all ready for the show
and if you forgot who i am, imma have to let you know

[verse two]
i’m the m, the i, to the k, to the e
if i wasn’t, then why would i say i be?
y’all know me, one of the best to ever do it
it’s written in stone, motherf*cker, undisputed
undisputed, shoutout to skip bayless
i rock designer, y’all still shop at payless
i’m crazy on the beat like tasmanian devil
y’all can’t f*ck with me, i’m on another level
the only way you’ll get to me is using a cheat code
the outcome of that is like shaq hitting free throws
unlikely, in my white tee
like carti and uzi, ooh i think they like me
little puppy talking sh*t to the big dog
the nerve of this coward, oh my god
you can’t see me like you staring at fog
who am i talking about? they know who they are

[verse three]
i was raised in charlotte, on the good side of town
it didn’t happen very often, but bad times would come around
couple times when i was younger, family getting robbed
had me making sure that we had locks on every doorkn*b
dudes creeping through the house, in the middle of the night
what would happen if i woke up that night, would i be alive?
it seem like everyday, someone i know getting popped
ain’t had a chance to live life, they had no shot
dudes i went to school with, they locked up in a cell
this sh*t is crazy, i hope y’all out there doing well
i keep a good head on a level set of shoulders
i mind my own business, i learned as i grew older
nas vibes, got a n.y. state of mind in me
i got roots in long island, i call that family tree
my dad used to rob dudes back in 99
but that’s a different story, and for a different time

[verse four]
i got the, game on lock like i was signed to d*block
ceiling so high that they touching the tree tops
on the forest moon of endor, call me an ewok
on the mic, i rock steady like bebop
the community, they go crazy
when they hear b*i*g m*i*k*e
from 2train, to we the people
my rhymes make everyone around me gleeful
i freestyled most of this in the shower
off the dome, call that brainpower
after we the people, i worked on features
sh*t sucked the life out of me like leeches
once again, i was hit with writers block
like van halen, living in the aftershock
but thanks to a hype, i’m feeling rejuvenated
15hype 2, i’m patiently waiting

[verse five]
i wanna thank dr. dre for inspiring me
to be the hard worker that i strive to be
he’s a perfectionist, if it’s not up to par
to his standards, you’ll never hear it, no matter who you are
he makes everyone around him better
em, 50, kendrick, game, snoop, whoever
when i first heard him, in the car with my pops
bumping california love by the late, great 2pac
my dad didn’t know sh*t about dre
but i tried to learn everything, even to this day
his work ethic is simply impeccable
i try to mimic him, he’s simply incredible
“dre’s not a top 15 producer”? stop
“dre doesn’t have an impact on rap”? stop
dr. dre is a f*cking living legend
and quite frankly, don’t know why this is questioned

[verse six]
i can’t even tell you, what i would give to work with dre
an opportunity like that would make my day
scratch that, it would make my whole career
i would never be able to top it, not in a million years
it’d be crazy to work with kanye too
see 2pac in the flesh, find out if he got the juice
perfect my craft with nasty nas and common
push myself to the limit like eminem in his prime, and
maybe i’ll take a lesson from hov
go commercial, but f*ck going gold
and f*ck going platinum, going diamond is the goal
that’s going platinum 10 times over if you didn’t know
i’d for sure want to sit down with k*dot
and talk about how to be one of the greatest in hip hop
feel like lebron, chasing all these rings
if given the chance, i’d do all these things

[verse seven]
pulling up in a bentley truck
i just got paid on friday, i count my m’s up
i’m good at math but not asian, nor racist
i work hard, i get the dough from dedication
yeah, put the money in the bank
when i get older, i’ll invest like shark tank
investment, a pure example of risk and reward
you could get more money back than you could afford
a wise man said “money makes the world go round”
but some of y’all spend your money on a quarter pound
be smart with the cash you earn; you earned it, right?
appreciate the lesson you just learned from big mike
i work my ass off, they should hit me with the max
contract, clock out and adjust to that
money is the motivation, you know i got it
paycheck just hit, i got direct deposit
money is the conversation, let’s talk about
paycheck just hit, i got direct deposit

[verse eight]
i got more bars than fast and furious got cars
pulling up in a refugee, you should call me pras
i do this sh*t for the fun of it, because i love it
don’t mean to toot my own h*rn but someone come grab my trumpet
like puffy said, can’t stop won’t stop
green light won’t change til i reach the top
a kid from charlotte with a westside connection
because i c dubs and take them without a mack 10
this the type of sh*t you’d hear on a clue tape
the type of sh*t that make you do a double take
the type of sh*t to make you go back to the drawing board
the type of sh*t to make you hungry for more
i’m feeling like a king but i ain’t go to saint mary
when i drop another album, sh*t gon get scary
community mount rushmore, i’m front and center
feeling like d.o.c. cuz no one can do it better

[verse nine]
i’m quik with the mausberg, 2nd ii none
i’m talking bout my lyrics, i ain’t talking bout a gun
if you think you can see me, guess what? you played yourself
and guess what b*tch? i ain’t never played myself
rap without me is like the nba without jordan
a monster on the court, a warrior, a spartan
yeah, just like draymond green
i’m not mean, just doing my own thing
i told y’all before, if the cash on blast
imma get that, i said that, i meant that
hungry like i just skipped a whole meal
and if you don’t like it? then f*ck how you feel
unless you one of my brothers
but if you not, don’t speak to me, man, don’t even bother
i know what max is thinking:
how is mike gonna go and do a song on a kent jones beat?
well, good news max
this song dropped, and ever since then, kent jones ain’t been seen

[verse ten]
i once knew this girl named olivia
met in social studies, talked every day, uh
and night, she taught me what love was like
had me feeling high like smokey on a friday night
it didn’t work out, sh*t had me feeling broken
but summer before senior year, had me hoping
that we could reconcile
i had just got a car and i was ready to put on a couple miles
with my own means of transportation, it made it easier for fornication
but that’s not all i wanted
i wanted a real relationship, one that was solid
but sure enough, just my luck, it didn’t work
she led me on, ghosted me, and left me hurt
now i know why dre said that “b*tches ain’t sh*t”
from that moment on, you never seen me with a trick

[verse eleven]
was on my break at work, walking through the parking lot
seen somebody that i’ve heard about a lot
i recognized him, almost instantly
if anybody saw me, they would see how visibly
mad i was
this little b*tch is always messing with my sister on the school bus
you see, they dated for a moment in time
and now he’s standing before me, the stars have aligned
they’ve gone back and forth ever since they broke up
but he’s a man talking down to a woman, what the f*ck?
i took a deep breath, went back to my business
decided not to run up on him, a good decision
i guess god was testing my gangster
i got some problems with anger
but lord knows if i had it my way
his punk ass wouldn’t live to see another day

[verse twelve]
i think it’s funny that people be on your d*ck
but when you turn around and leave, they quick to talk some sh*t
like mr. porter and busta said, they out to get me
that’s why i’m cautious when people come and try to friend me
if meek was in position, what would he do?
probably hit up twitter, talk about the see*throughs
i’m talking bout ghosts, but i ain’t talking bout a writer
i’m talking bout the fakes and the biters
blatant disrespect, you best protect ya neck
i’m on my wu*tang sh*t, known for inspecting decks
i learned from my mistakes
and now i know don’t associate with the fakes
it seemed like everyone around me was so two*faced
everybody on their harvey dent vibes up in this place
so if you got a problem bring it to the forefront
but imma warn you; these problems? you don’t want

[verse thirteen]
they say curiosity k!lls the cat
or maybe it was just the gat
when you hear that rat*tat*tat*tat
that’s when you know that it’s deeper than rap
too many people we’ve lost to a gun
pac, biggie, should i go on?
2006, we said bye to deshaun holton
in 99, we lost lamont coleman
just this year, we saw nipsey go
what the f*ck are we doing, bro?
i ask god, as countless more perish
what can we do to protect those we cherish?
soulja slim, mac dre, jam master jay
if i went on, we’d be here all day
i realize now that tomorrow’s never promised
it’s a cold world we live in, if i’m being honest

[verse fourteen]
even though i exude self*confidence
deep down inside of me it’s the opposite
big myself up like i’m the motherf*cking man
like when it comes down to it, i got a plan
my future coming up real fast, real fast
and for now tryna make these memories last
but mid*august big mike will be on his own
in a new home, all alone
i’m scared to death, sh*t, to tell the truth
that’s why i’m pouring out all these feelings in the booth
i know it’s time, but lord knows i don’t wanna go
and where to go from here? i don’t know
words can’t describe how much imma miss my mom
but for her sake, i’m the one who has to stay calm
she told me “mike, you’re meant for bigger things
it’s time for my baby boy to stretch his wings”

aye i might be semi*retired
but, you know
there’s still plenty of artists in the community to hear

[verse fifteen]
babaszn, we more than a group of friends
we family, with talent for the world to see
blkmsk, you better act fast
he might turn around and smack your ass
one of my best friends in this music sh*t for sure
the boy spit like he got unlimited ammo
a hype, you know he’s dead right
one of the first to collab with big mike
his work ethic might need a little work
but the product he puts out is pure artwork
ninto, he can flow like no other
and shoutout to king blow, i love him like a brother
we got talented producers too
here’s hoping that agusronny2 drops soon
you know we chillin like a couple of villains
what more can i say? we k!llin em