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lirik lagu 10 2 10 – big sean


imma be paid forever
i look up
finally famous n-gg-

i woke up working like a mexican
that mean i work from 10 to 10, then 10 to 10, then 10 again
nightmares of losing everything boosts my adrenaline

[verse 1]
all this bread can’t be too good for my cholesterol
don’t come round talking loudly, f-ckin up my repertoire dawg
i can’t like bruh lately i’ve been stressin heavily
i’m sippin, poppin, smokin on whatever take the pressure off
you b-tch you, f.f. imperial to my burial
dodging every bullet and venereal
anti-f-ckboy material
till i’m dead, i’m living proof
if you focus on what’s in front of ya
and not what’s in the peripheral, let’s go!

boy i seen drama on drama
drama on drama
over comma on comma
i’m bringin home dead pres
my house done feel like it’s haunted
i put the city on my back
right along with my garments
went to sleep snoring


[verse 2]
i got three jobs like i’m jamaican oh
i need three wives like i was haitian oh
one cook, one clean, the other pmsing
“no habla ingles”, if police have questions they don’t know what that mean n-gg-
they say detroit going through the great depression still
it’s been depressed so long boy i can’t even tell the pressure here
my home boys still gon pull up on them rims big as a ferris wheel
so many rides up on the curb my lil cuz thought the fair was here
like oh! a primo, top spot redeem code, for who?
my team and we might take a trip to jamaica montego
p-ssy and flamingo
got me thinkin “f-ck i need to sleep for?” huh?


ay let me get the uh
lil b-tch